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Product Specialist ~

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Lead Generators and Affiliates ~
Jay Wilding, Jay Diggles, Dale Murphy, Scott Murphy, Seth Davis, Jeremy Feldman, Gail Smith, Kati the Tool Lady, Troy Tackett, Justin W, Melissa L, Vinny, James, Gene, Jodi and Al Corey.

Dave Wilding, Jerry Roberts, Tony, Matt Wentz, Teresa, Dan, Mark, Mason, Luis, Dylan, George, Bobby, Rich, Frankie, Tim and Liam.
Sales Office ~
4130 East Van Buren #150
Phoenix AZ 85008

Shipping & Receiving ~
High Yield Industrial Products
245 Holly Street
Lexington, TN 38351

ETA on Shipping Times ~
North East 2 to 3 Days
South East 2 to 3 Days
Midwestern 2 to 3 Days
Western 4 to 5 Days
South West 4 to 5 Days

Accounts Receivables ~
High Yield Industrial Products
PO BOX 93566
Las Vegas NV 89193