Hello, my name is Jay D Wilding.   D is for Diggles.   Your new favorite tool pest out West.   This is my personal website for my best clients, friends, referrals and affiliates.   Team work makes the dream work.   Because I know you have so many choices to buy construction supplies, I appreciate the trust you put in myself, my team, products and vendors to get the material you need to get the job done.   I'm a consumer like you...  If you know of me, my clients, friends, referral partners and/or affiliates, then you can expect 100% transparency and free high fives for helping grow this family business called High Yield Industrial Products.  I do my best work over the phone, so if you have question please reach out to me and we can unlock some fun incentives to help you keep your cost low, or free tools with bulk buys!  

If you stumbled onto this website, then take a quick second to get to know me.   I'm an friendly, entrepreneurial-minded sales professional.   A creative, out-of-the-box thinker who is looking for win-win solutions for everyone.  I take personal ownership of challenges and results. A team player who will sacrifice my time but not my integrity to get the job done.   I'm very enthusiastic and persevering self-starter who thrives on success and repeat business.    I appreciate referrals and repeat business- to me that is the biggest compliment.   I'm a people person at heart and student of sales, with an understanding of trade secrets in construction and safety.   All pertaining to the self-perform industrial construction and service fields.      

My dream clients are not limited to Plumbers, Electricians, Demo, Environmental,  Roofing, Deck Building, Remodelers, Windows and Doors, Communications and General Contractors.  It's anyone that may use consumable products like reciprocating blades, cable ties, Velcro, drill bits, diamond blades, gloves, safety glasses, first aid kits and safety products.   

I have the experience, after spending over two decades in sales and a few years in the field, I know that it is not always about "making the sale."   It is about building a relationship that can stand the tests of time.   If I don't have it, I can lead you in the right direction.   Because of that,  I do not think of myself as a owner, partner, salesperson or a manager of salespeople.   Ultimately, I am a professional relationship builder and lead others as they build long- lasting relationships as well.   I look forward to being of value, service and the guy for your "Tools for the Trades"

Thanks and make it a great day. 

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          Jay D Wilding