FAMILY Owned and operated for 23 years.   It really is family, our team has been servicing the same amazing clients for over 2 decades.   You know a family business has some great advantages too.  The big one is, we have a dedicated group of people ready to stand behind each other, work hard and invest lots of love into the team, loyal customers and great industrial products from our manufacturers and affiliates.    A healthy business may not always be compatible with family harmony, so our motto has always been to do what "is right" and not just what "feels right".    We know as a consumer, let's face it, you have a million options.  Our team takes pride in showing up every day for their customers, affiliates, vendors and community.  

We know that it is not always about "making the sale."   It is about building a relationship that can stand the tests of time too.   We get it, your name is on the line.  Deadlines need to be met.   Products have to work and terms must be honored.    So, if we don't have what you're looking for, our network will guide you in the right direction.   Because of that,  we do not think of ourselves as just a supply house, affiliates, or business owners,  partners, salespersons or managers of salespeople.   Ultimately,  we are a team of professional relationship builders that lead others as we build long- lasting relationships.   We look forward to hearing about your important projects.    

Welcome you to the Family!  

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