Who are we?

We are a supplier and here to help you get information on any products we carry. If you saw it we sell it! We are a small family of talented people striving to make the lives of our customers stress free and efficient.


Contact Jay Wilding for employment. His highest priority is to make sure the daily work environment is fun for employees, beneficial for customers, and fertile for growth. We are always looking grow our team. If you are looking for employment shoot him an email at: Jay@toolsforthetrades.com

A word from Jay to our customers:

After spending two decades in sales, I know that it is not always about "making the sell." It is about building a relationship that can stand the tests of time. So, I do not think of myself as a salesperson or a manager of salespeople. Ultimately, I am a professional relationship builder and lead others as they build long-lasting relationships with my clients. Please feel free to reach out with any question or concern for our products, customer service or about contact with any of my teammates. I'm always happy to help!

Jay Diggles Wilding
Email: Jay@ToolsfortheTrades.com
Office: (888) 303-0711 EXT~1017
Fax: (480) 303-0015

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