High Yield Industrial Products values its relationship between manufactures, clients and vendors.   With two training centers in the USA we believe that no question is a stupid question.    So every customer will be assigned an account manger to answer those random questions you might encounter.    If you don't know your account manager please email us now.  (Link)  Our teamwork gets the job done efficiently and fast with you in mind.    We are friendly, entrepreneurial-minded sales professionals that warehouse a variety of construction supplies and safety equipment.     Everyone on the team operates as a creative, out-of-the-box thinker focusing on serving your construction supply and safety needs.      While you may have an individual account manager, we are team of people, who will be dedicated to get the quality supplies you need fast and convenient so you get the job done for your clients.    

The majority of our clients are operating as Plumbers, Electricians, Demo, Environmental,  Roofing, Deck Building, Remodelers, Windows & Doors, Solar Installers, Carpentry, Communications and General Contractors.  It's also anyone that may use consumable products like reciprocating blades, cable ties, velcro, drill bits, diamond blades, gloves, safety glasses, first aid kits and safety products.   Collectively we logged over 300 plus years of healthy business relationships and over a million of on time delivered packages.  We ship 4 days a week and stock 90% of the products on this website.  

Let's face it, it takes a village to make sure your shipment is on time, correct and in your teams hands to finish your deadlines.     We know that it is not always about "making the sale."   It is about building a relationship that can stand the tests of time.   If we don't have it, we can lead you in the right direction.   Because of that,  we do not think of ourselves as owners, partner, salesperson or managers of salespeople.   Ultimately, we are a team of professional relationship builders that lead others as they build long- lasting relationships as well.   We look forward to being of value, service and the TEAM for your "Tools for the Trades"

    Your Favorite Tool Rep,

           Jay Diggles

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